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Feb 1st townhall meeting with Speaker Pelosi has been postponed.


Hear a message from the Speaker here:

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Our nation is standing at a crossroad…. Do we allow what has happened over the last four years to set us back for generations to come? Or do we learn from the last four years and use those lessons to forge a greater nation for our children and grandchildren? I believe our future is bright and there are great opportunities coming out of the dual crises caused by the assault on our democracy and the pandemic – opportunities to transform government and erect guardrails to protect the freedoms we cherish. 

New Mexico is a special place. We are rooted in the history of those who came before us. We know the meaning of hard work and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves. We know that when one of us struggles, we all struggle. We know that community means always being there for one another. That attitude is why we’re going to make it through this pandemic and come back better. For months, we’ve all stayed home and sacrificed to keep our fellow New Mexicans safe. 

Over the past four years, our nation has lost its way, allowing hatred and fear turn us against each other. We have witnessed corruption at the highest levels of government, the elevation of the wealthy over essential workers, and seen how deception and falsehoods can poison the minds of friends and family. But here in New Mexico, we have persevered and remained strong. Our values cannot be corrupted, truth still matters in this state and our bonds cannot be broken.

I am lucky to have called New Mexico home for most of my life. I have fallen in love here. Built a family here. Built a business here. I have been blessed in so many ways. I owe so much to the people of this state and I will do whatever I can to repay that debt.

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to discussing how we can create a better New Mexico for all of us for generations to come.