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I was the special prosecutor who volunteered to prosecute two police officers who killed a mentally ill homeless camper in New Mexico named James Boyd. I have successfully sued APD in excessive force cases, prosecuted a cop killer and taken on injustice after injustice. I have worked one case at a time to bring justice to New Mexicans. I will now fight to implement policies to prevent police violence and the violation of civil rights from happening in the first place. These include:

  • Getting the right support for citizens suffering from mental illness: Adding trained civilian responders such as social workers or therapists help de-escalate police 911 calls related to behavioral and mental health crisis.

  • Neutral third-party investigations into all police shootings: Each time a police officer shoots a member of our community, a fair and honest investigation should be initiated to provide the community with an account of what happened, how the police officers’ actions compared to their training, and to determine if there was an abuse of force.

  • Proper training and improved culture inside law enforcement agencies: Help those law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to help us by ensuring they have advanced, exhaustive training on issues including mental health events and crisis, substance abuse matters and de-escalation and negotiation tactics.

  • Decriminalizing drug possession: True drug reform requires a change in our society. We can begin by no longer throwing people in jail for the possession of drugs, followed by the creation of substance abuse programs, mental health support and recognizing that our drug problem isn’t about drugs, it’s about people. Our solution to the drug problem begins with supporting those who are trapped by addiction.