Over the past four years, we have watched in horror as the outgoing President systematically dismantled our government and our democracy, culminating in an attack on our Capitol. It is time to construct guardrails to protect our country, prevent dishonest autocrats from ever taking office again and restore Congressional power to effectively investigate a corrupt administration. We can no longer rely on the “good faith” of candidates who run for office. We need laws. These include:

  • Production of tax returns, loans and all business contacts for presidential candidates: The public has a right to know of our elected leader is acting in the interest of the country or his own business self-interest.

  • Putting the teeth back into Congressional Subpoena Power: No future administration should ever be allowed to ignore Congressional subpoenas for testimony and documents.

  • Limiting presidential pardon power: Presidents should not be allowed to pardon themselves, their family or the people who could testify against them and hold them accountable for their criminal acts.

  • Prevent and punish domestic terrorism: Currently, we have no laws that deal specifically with domestic terrorism, which means that the federal government cannot intervene until an act of terror has already occurred.