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Randi McGinn is a trailblazing public advocate and progressive activist who has spent her life taking a person’s true-life story and turning it into justice. She now wants to do the same for you.

She is the oldest of 5 siblings - three sisters and one brother. Her grandfather was a union machinist who also helped build the Panama Canal. Her father was an officer in the Air Force, and her mother was one of the first women to graduate with a degree in architecture from Rice University. Given the times she lived in, her mother did not get to use that degree until later in life so that she could stay at home and care for the children.

Randi first moved to New Mexico in high school when her father was stationed at Holloman Base. Because there were no organized sports for girls at the time, Randi became the first girl at Alamogordo High School to join the boys tennis team, where she quickly earned the respect of her teammates.

Randi’s life as a pioneer, undeterred by sexist barriers, has inspired her work fighting for the rights of the little gal. After completing college at New Mexico State University, she began her career as a journalist, becoming one of the first women sports reporters in the state of New Mexico. She later went to the University of New Mexico Law School, starting her career as an attorney with a bang by giving birth to her daughter the day before the 3-day bar exam.

Over her 40-year career as a lawyer, Randi has helped thousands of working men and women stand up to big corporations and other powerful institutions to get what they deserve, in everything from trucking collisions to workplace violence to medical malpractice. In these cases, Randi has been a champion of transformative law, where she and her clients focus on making policy changes so the same abuses don’t happen again.

Additionally, Randi has fought tirelessly to challenge unjust practices in New Mexico’s criminal justice system, including the immense backlog of rape kits in the state. Earlier this year, she organized a group of volunteer attorneys to help prosecute those offenders identified when a decade-long backlog of 5,000 rape kits were finally tested. 

Randi was also recently appointed as a special prosecutor where she tried the first New Mexico criminal case against any police officer for the on-the-job shooting of a homeless man, James Boyd. That prosecution led to a substantial reduction in the number of shootings of citizens by the Albuquerque Police Department.

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Outside of her legal career, Randi has also been a trailblazing leader working to uplift women and people of color in politics. Randi is one of the founding members of Emerge New Mexico, the principal organization that encourages and trains Democratic women to run for political office. She is also a dedicated advocate against the death penalty, having worked to eliminate the practice in New Mexico after seeing it abused firsthand as a prosecutor.

After seeing the carnage laid bare by Donald Trump and his enablers over the last four years, Randi is now running for Congress to re-establish the rule of law and to erect legal guardrails for our democracy. Called from private practice to public service, she wants to rebuild and reshape our systems to correct the myriad inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

In 1978, Randi met the love of her life and soulmate, Charles Daniels, while in law school. Eleven years later they married and remained happily together for 30 years until his passing in 2019. Together, they formed a close blended family of four children, 10 grandchildren and a foreign exchange student who was like an adoptive son.

Here's what the grandchildren have to say about their Grandi: